Drama Triangle – Addiction Psychotherapy in London Bridge

The Drama Triangle – psychotherapy in London Bridge Some people seek counselling because they want to understand confusing emotions they feel about themselves or others or as a result of a difficult conversation, an event or often some past experiences. Some, before making a call to a psychotherapist, attempt to help themselves by engaging in [...]

High Functioning Addict (HFA) – London Bridge

High Functioning Addict (HFA) – counselling and psychotherapy in London Bridge There is always hope that one day an addict will be able to control their drinking and at the same time find pleasure in it. This obsession is faced by every person with an addiction. The illusion is surprisingly strong, very lively and usually [...]

What is attachment based therapy

What is attachment based therapy   As you probably know there are quite a lot of different therapeutic approaches to choose from. Some say more than 400! There are also a lot of therapists who subscribe to different schools and philosophies and who, consciously and unconsciously, recommend that you choose a certain approach. When you [...]

Men’s Group in London Bridge

MEN’S GROUP in London Bridge Mondays – 6.30-8.30pm – starting on 12th October 2015 My vision for the MEN’S GROUP is to create a safe space for men to be together and to explore what is important and what matters to them. A space where men can get a greater understanding of what it means [...]

Childhood trauma and abuse, adult depression and low self-confidence. (Counselling in Clapham, Croydon and Coulsdon).

Childhood trauma and abuse, adult depression and low self-confidence. (Counselling in Clapham, Croydon and Coulsdon). Everyone of us has suffered some form of trauma at least once in our lifetime. Sometimes it doesn’t take much for us to feel extremely stressed. We all know the feeling – being under pressure from work, having experienced a [...]

Do I really have to stop drinking alcohol?

This is one of the most terrifying questions we can ask ourselves when we hear from our family and friends that our drinking seems problematic. They tell us that when we are under the influence we do things which we wouldn’t normally do. What are they talking about? What do they mean? Everyone is drinking [...]

Anxiety and depression – the longest journey ever

A lot of people who consider therapy worry about what is it that they might discover about themselves. What is there hidden in our unconscious. Some are anxious about the process in general as they very limited knowledge about it and have never experienced it before. They may have some ideas from the accounts of [...]