Do I really have to stop drinking alcohol?

This is one of the most terrifying questions we can ask ourselves when we hear from our family and friends that our drinking seems problematic. They tell us that when we are under the influence we do things which we wouldn’t normally do.

What are they talking about? What do they mean? Everyone is drinking and everyone is having such a great time, you might think…

The thing with the drink is that it has been with people or thousands of years, in every culture, throughout every historical period and event. Some people can drink without any issues, others on the other hand, seem to be getting into some kind of problems when they drink of when they’re under the influence of alcohol. Which group of people you could be categorised under is not for me to decide, however if you have been told a number of times that you change after you have been drinking, that you’re totally different, then it is possibly for you to do some thinking about it.

Counselling can help you with it. In a safe and confidential space you have an opportunity to explore the meaning of alcohol in your life. Is it something that you use because others drink as well? Do you drink to feel more confident and relaxed in social situations? Do you perhaps drink to unwind after work or to feel less anxious and you have noticed that you have been drinking on a daily basis lately? Or do you drink only occasionally but for a few days in a row and perhaps end up in a situation? Do you drink when certain feelings overwhelm you – anger, sadness, depression?

All of these questions and the meaning behind them can be explored with a counsellor.

It is difficult to be descriptive and authoritarian about alcohol. It affects us differently and the benefits of drinking will be different, too. It is for you to consider the meaning of drinking in your life (and lives of your close ones as well, perhaps). To begin to do so can be a scary and daunting prospect. Where do I begin, you might ask yourself?

Well, if you are concerned or perhaps you notice your friends or family worry about it, a quick phone call to a counsellor could make a huge difference, thinking about your future. Or it might not, if you decide that you’re managing your use safely. However, if you decided to make the step, I am confident it could give you a piece of mind.

And isn’t it just that that we are so keen on getting?