Group Psychotherapy London Bridge

Group psychotherapy London Bridge offers an opportunity to discuss your problems and difficulties in a safe, supportive environment, with the help of an experienced and non-judgemental therapist and other group members.

Group psychotherapy can help you develop greater insight and understanding of yourself, and how you relate to other people. It can help you gain knowledge of how your past affects how you live in the present. The group can also help you identify and build on your strengths and inner resources. You can grow your self-esteem and confidence, and learn ways to take better care of yourself.

Group psychotherapy offers the opportunity to consider the changes you may wish to make in order to enhance your life, and help you decide how best to achieve them. You can then begin to make the changes with the on-going therapeutic support of the therapist and other group members.


MEN’S GROUP in London Bridge

My vision for the MEN’S GROUP is to create a safe space for men to be together and to explore what is important and what matters to them. A space where men can get a greater understanding of what it means to them to be a man in today’s world, a space where they can take a closer look at the emotional side of their lives – their anger, sadness, confusion, relationship issues, power and control issues, their pride, parental challenges and addictive tendencies. Also a space where male friendships can begin and continue.

I invite men to join the men’s group where you will be able to experience the energy of being a part of the male only group. I offer an opportunity to explore your life with other men, to find out what masculinity means to you, to take a closer look at various issues which may be preventing you from living your life to the fullest, your anger, depression, relationship issues or addictions. You will also have a chance to make new connections and friends.

Group facilitator – Mirek Polanowski, counsellor and pedagogue, MBACP, FDAP



The group is open to all men, including young adults, who come from any background, status, any faith or culture and who can communicate in English.

Whether you are married, single, divorced, a dad, gay, straight does not matter. You are invited.

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or an atheist it does not matter. You are invited.

What matters only is your openness and willingness to take part in the process which is created when people get together. If you are willing to listen and be listened, give and receive feedback, discover new ways of relating, share your new insights with the group, you are invited.

The participation in the group can help you with the following issues: anger and/or rage, addictive behaviours, sadness and depression, relationship and communication problems, difficulties in feeling proud as a man, feelings of loneliness. This can also be a healthy way to learn more about life in general within a safe and supportive group of men trying to achieve similar.


For more information please contact me on 07989137034 or send an email to You will be able to arrange a meeting with me so that you can discuss the group and explore if this particular group is the best form of support you should be seeking in this time of your life. This consultation is free and there is no obligation to join the group if you feel it is not right for you.


The group is governed by the group rules which are set by the members in the first meeting. Men usually sit in a circle however you will discover that there is a lot of space for freedom and creativity.

Once the group have settled men share their thoughts and feelings in relation to what seems to be most important that evening or they follow a theme suggested by me. I provide topics and themes each evening however the group can decide whether to use them or not. There will be a session or two when certain topics will be a part of the programme, e.g. anger, communication.

Each man is offered a space and time to express himself so that not only he feels a part of the group but also a group has a chance to develop into one which is safe and trusting with plenty of scope to carry out as much self-reflections as practically possible.

The group provides a space for creative exploration of what hurts, what matters and what evokes your curiosity, therefore I might introduce various exercises including drawing, working in smaller groups or pairs, role playing or even singing.


Counselling and psychotherapy for men

I offer my counselling services from my London Bridge and Borough therapy rooms.

I provide both short term (usually solution focused) therapy as well as open ended.

I deal with various issues such as addictions, depression, anger, anxiety, couples relationship issues, bereavement, trauma, men’s issues.